This was me at 13 years old!

At my peak I was 280 at 16 years of ago, size 58 inch waist, & was so fat my mom had to apply diaper cream to my groin due all the rashes and infections I got from being unsanitary.

Topics Covered

What is the best diet/lifestyle to lose weight?

The importance of intermittent fasting.

Must you exercise to weight maintain?

Roger, 48

Gregory's book "Revelations Of A Weight Loss Warrior" introduced me to him, then I found his pod "Confessions of an Obese Child" and later his Youtube channel. He has been indispensable in my weight loss journey. I've lost 35 lbs.

Frank, 34

When I was in high school they used to call me Joey Tribiani from "Friends." Then I gained weight due to a divorce and not taking care of myself. I found Gregory through Red Pill Men's Health. I just think his story is so unique I had to get the course. I've lost 20 lbs! He can relate to what you are going through...unlike trainers.

Bob, 56

Former alcoholic and binge eater. I could relate to Greg's childhood trauma. His 5 years of fasting is amazing. If he can do it for 30 years, so will I.


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