This was me at 13 years old!

At my peak I was 280 at 16 years of ago, size 58 inch waist, & was so fat my mom had to apply diaper cream to my groin due all the rashes and infections I got from being unsanitary.

Topics Covered

What is the best diet/lifestyle to lose weight?

The importance of intermittent fasting.

Must you exercise to weight maintain?

Roger, 48

Gregory's book "Revelations Of A Weight Loss Warrior" introduced me to him, then I found his pod "Confessions of an Obese Child" and later his Youtube channel. He has been indispensable in my weight loss journey. I've lost 35 lbs.

Frank, 34

When I was in high school they used to call me Joey Tribiani from "Friends." Then I gained weight due to a divorce and not taking care of myself. I found Gregory through Red Pill Men's Health. I just think his story is so unique I had to get the course. I've lost 20 lbs! He can relate to what you are going through...unlike trainers.

Bob, 56

Former alcoholic and binge eater. I could relate to Greg's childhood trauma. His 5 years of fasting is amazing. If he can do it for 30 years, so will I.

Try My Course.

There is no one with my proven track record. 30 years of weight maintenance and dealing with binge eating demons.