Your Life Is Not Empty If Single

There is an erroneous and idiotic notion pervading our society that one's life is empty or incomplete if one doesn't have a partner. That one should wallow in misery and loneliness if single. This is utter nonsense! Too many rom coms have inculcated this idea and as a result, many people pick unhealthy or undesirable partners out of sheer loneliness or fear of being alone. This is called "The Relationship Thirst." Purge it today! Your life is infinitely better once you have purged the thirst. We will show you how!

Why You Need This Course

It's a systematic 4-hour seminar on identify the reasons why people have "Relationship Thirst."

We demonstrate how having "The Thirst" leads you to make poor decision regarding prospective mates.

We look at the intellectual and psychological ways to purge "The Thirst." Do you suffer from "Nice Guy Syndrome?" Do you have early childhood trauma that makes you think you don't deserve someone with zero red flags?

Hugo, 39

This course was a game-changer for me. Never did I realize that I had so much childhood baggage being the son of a single mom that affected my dating choices. Once you "Purge The Thirst" you realize you are the one in control and you have so much latitude in your life. You can do what you want, with whom, when, and how and it is up to you. If you don't purge it, you will end up married and miserable. Not I!

Mike, 50

Gregory's Youtube channel helps me so much. He talks about the "Thirst" so much there I decided to get the course. He is right, you pursuing women with the hope of pleasing them and giving them everything they want, is an exercise in futility and honestly, very unmasculine. Gregory helped me to purge "The Thirst." Now I no longer think the foolish idea that my life is somehow incomplete without a woman. If anything it is better because I'm in complete control of my life and future.

Jimmy, 21

I'm not going to lie. I was a nice guy pushover in high school in an attempt to get girls. I was always friend-zoned and hated it. I would cry at night thinking I would never have a girl. Greg talks about sexual market value, the rate of divorce and so much more that makes you realize that being single (and dating here and there) but never surrendering your freedom and autonomy is true bliss.

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  How "The Relationship Thirst" Condemns You To A Miserable Life
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  Intellectual Ways To Purge "The Relationship Thirst"
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  Psychological Ways To Purge "The Relationship Thirst"
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  Now You Can Purge "The Thirst!"
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How To Purge Your "Relationship Thirst"

This is a 4-hour course. Yes, a 4-hour course! What is the "Relationship Thirst?" It is this idea so imbued in all men since an early age, that we cannot be happy or feel complete without having a woman in our life. That our life is utter ruin or unlivable without being a relationship or marriage. We have been inculcated by so many entities to think this is true when it is an utter falsity. 

In this course, you will learn how to purge "The Thirst." Why is this important? Because when you don't purge it, you continue to make a litany of humungous mistakes vis-a-vis intersexual dynamics and interpersonal relationships which will likely lead to heartache and financial ruin.

And more importantly, when you do purge it, it opens up a world for you. Now that you know you see the peril of relationships and know you will mitigate the risks by never being dicknapped or signing "The Contract," you can now engage in hookups, STRs, or stay monk. All will lead to happiness because you know your happiness is NOT contingent on the "fairer sex."

Key concepts covered include:

  • What is "The Relationship Thirst"
  • How "The Thirst" makes you make so many mistakes regarding courtship, co-habiting, marrying single moms and more!
  • The Intellectual Reasons why you should purge "The Thirst." (Divorce stats, sexual market value of women, etc)
  • The Psychological Reasons why you should purge "The Thirst." (The most important section!). What is causing you to think your life is only complete when it has a woman? This deals with "Nice Guy" syndrome, early childhood trauma, and more! 
  • Why MGTOW is the best way to live your life once you purged it.
  • How to have children if you know you will never marry.
  • How to have abundance mindset instead of scarcity mindset vis-a-vis women.
  • Remembering, YOU are the catch!

To reiterate, this course is crucial for all men, but specifically blue and purple pill men who still entertain the notion that they must have a woman in their life to be happy. No, you find and make your own happiness on YOUR own terms.

Buy now! It will change your life.

Once you have purged "The Thirst"

  • You will know that singleness is autonomy & freedom.
  • You will not fall for people that are bad for you since you know you are "The Catch."
  • You will address your childhood and dating trauma to embolden yourself.
  • And so much more!